Mark Krueger and Associates,Inc Blog Featured Ben’s Friends

Mark Krueger & Associates, Inc., one of the leading consultant to pharmaceutical, biotech, device and diagnostic companies features Ben’s Friends. John Stamler, Ben’s Friends Board Member, contributes on MK&A page as guest blogger. Stamler wrote that Ben’s Friends patient communities ensure that everyone in the world with a rare disease has a safe place to go and connect with others like them.

Risk, UK Blog Features Ben’s Friends

Dr. Richard A. Lawhern, Ph.D., community moderator, content author and Resident Research Analyst with “Living With TN”, an online community among Ben’s Friends, writes about the rapid growth of the Ben’s Friends online communities, as a model for medical and mental health collaboration between clients and physicians. Read more about his article, “I Get By With a Little Help from my Friends”

Ning Features Ben’s Friends

Ning, the world’s largest SaaS platform for deploying vibrant social communities and the software platform used by Ben’s Friends to set-up communities,  highlighted Ben’s Friends on its Community Spotlight blog as a wonderful network of support communities for people with rare diseases.  Crystal Coleman of Ning Glam Media also interviewed John Stamler,  a member of Ben’s Friends since 2010 and survivor of Atrial Septal Defect, about the inspiring and encouraging activities on Ben’s Friends communities.  Read more from this link.

World Orphan Drug Congress USA Names Ben’s Friends as One of the Top 50 Social Media Influencers in Orphan Drug and Rare Disease

Ben’s Friends appears in the list of Top 50 Social Media Influencers in Orphan Drug and Rare Diseases as reported by Caroline Hornby, Marketing Director for the World Orphan Drug Congress. Those in the list–which includes patient advocacy groups, healthcare industry and government–were selected based on activity levels, engagement and community reach.

Kellogg’s Alumni Magazine Features Ben’s Friends

Ben Munoz and Scott Orn, both Kellogg Alums Class of 2007, are incredibly honored and grateful that Kellogg’s Alumni Magazine featured Ben’s Friends in the Summer 2013 edition. The Kellogg community has been so supportive of Ben’s Friends, with the Class of 2007 deserving special recognition for the fundraising support it has provided. Kellogg was kind enough to include a timeline that shows Ben’s Friends annual progress. We’re humbled to be recognized by Kellogg and look forward to many more years of social impact at Ben’s Friends.

TechCrunch (The World’s Leading Tech Blog) Features Ben’s Friends re: Making a Big Impact on a Small Budget & Launching our Mobile App

Finally, a mobile app that gives patients access to support groups wherever, whenever it’s needed! Members and other people with rare diseases can now get support and information–and, soon, over 2,000 doctor recommendations–even while recuperating in a hospital or waiting in a doctor’s lounge. Read more on the initial launch of Ben’s Friends mobile app here!