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Autumn is Around the Corner at Ben’s Friends

Ben’s Friends will be participating in RAREsummit 2023

Richard, our Patient Experience Officer, is eagerly anticipating his attendance at this year’s RAREsummit in Cambridge, United Kingdom this October. Additionally, we are excited to showcase a Ben’s Friends poster that aims to effectively promote our organization’s mission and initiatives. 

Warrior Moms Living with Rare Disease is live! An email campaign introduced the newest platform to Ben’s Friends’ current members and shared on the organization’s social media. If you know of any parent raising a child with a rare disease or chronic condition, please share the community with them.
Complex Regional Pain Syndrome: A Burdensome Journey of Relentless Pain Complex Regional Pain Syndrome not only disrupts the patient’s physical and emotional well-being, but also reshapes their daily life due to constant medical care and treatment demands. Additionally, its impact extends to families, emphasizing the need for support and effective communication. Check out the details in this blog.
Know Your Family History: Unmasking Von Willebrand Disease’s Pervasive Impact Von Willebrand Disease’s impact extends across various aspects of life. In addition to its physical symptoms, VWD presents unique social challenges and influences the patient’s educational and professional journey. Its impact on women is particularly significant, which includes heavy menstrual bleeding and heightened risks during childbirth. For more detailed insights, check out this blog.